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Water Quality Association – Convention is Canceled

By Tap Water Truth | March 20, 2020

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the 2020 WQA Convention & Expo has been canceled.   Find out more about this year’s canceled convention by visiting this year’s FAQ page. But this isn’t the end of the conversation! Check out the great content throughout WQA’s site and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about water quality issues,…


3M and Toxic Water: The High Price of Innovation

By Tap Water Truth | January 27, 2020

The Fallout of Forever Chemicals in Woodbury Minnesota In the early 2000’s, 3M stopped production of PFAS chemicals, also known as “Forever Chemicals.” These toxins, used by 3M since the early 1950’s, were manufactured for products such as stain repellents and nonstick cookware. They are durable and useful for a variety of purposes. They also…


Winter, Road Salt & Your Water: The Truth About the Salt from Our Streets

By Tap Water Truth | November 27, 2019

Winter time in northern states can be brutal on our cars, our energy bills, and on our psyche. Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately called SAD), according to Mayo Clinic, happens for most people from late fall and through the winter months, with short days, cold temperatures, and gray skies. Energy bills can double and sometimes even…


Can You Drink Your Cabin’s Water?

By Tap Water Truth | June 2, 2019

For some, “cabin life” is a little bit more rugged than for others. Some cabins are more like houses. Some are rickety old shacks in the woods. Some have bathrooms; some outhouses. Some cabins are connected to electricity while others run on generators. However you define the word “cabin” in your family, there’s one thing…

Drinking Water Tips

A Gallon of Water a Day: A Challenge To Consider!

By Tap Water Truth | May 24, 2019

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking? There are many different theories out there. For years, you heard “8 glasses a day” was the standard for water intake. Then, a few years ago, people in lab coats on TV started saying that 8 was an arbitrary number. No amount of reading or research will get…

Tiny Town – Big Water Problem

By Tap Water Truth | August 3, 2018

The tiny town of Coates, Minnesota, with a population barely over 160 people, is a pollution hot spot in Dakota County. It’s a problem that can’t be ignored any longer. Read the full article here. At Tap Water Truth, we could literally post these types of stories all day long; stories that tell of toxic…


Elon Musk Can’t Save Everyone…

By Tap Water Truth | July 20, 2018

We’ve all watched the drama unfold over the years in Flint, Michigan. Terrible water. Slow response. Serious risk. It woke many of us up for the first time that we aren’t paying attention to the toxins in our water nearly as much as we should. We also discovered that we can’t blindly trust cities’ efforts…

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Why We’re Here

By Tap Water Truth | July 11, 2018

Tap Water Truth – Why We’re Here. When it comes to selecting a water treatment solution or water filter for your home, the possibilities are endless. Some water treatment companies tell you it’s a good idea. Some tell you it’s absolutely essential. Many tell you they’re the best. Consider how fortunate we are to live in…

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Debunking Disinfection Myths…Continued

By Tap Water Truth | June 27, 2018

Let the Myth Debunking Continue! At Tap Water Truth, we are passionate about making sure people know the truth about the water they drink, cook with, bathe in, and use in their appliances. So any time we find good information, we want to pass it along. Check out this article about UV disinfection. It’s worth…

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Debunking Disinfection Myths

By Tap Water Truth | June 19, 2018

Water treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all conversation. Different toxins need different treatment. And some chemicals have built up resistance to traditional treatment solutions. Check out this article that breaks down the myths of water treatment.

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