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Hard Water

Hard water is the most common residential water problem in the United States. The issue occurs naturally when minerals like calcium and magnesium dissolve into your water supply. It leads to soap build up, staining, and dry, irritated skin.

Soft Water

The quality of water, desirable for efficient cleaning and minimal corrosion, that results from very low amounts of calcium and magnesium. The right water softener makes this possible.

Hard Water in Your Home

By Tap Water Truth | April 13, 2018

Identifying Hard Water in Your Home Water that has been treated with a water softener will perform better than water that remains hard. It will extend the life of your appliances. It will be better for your hair and skin. It will be easier on your home and your wallet. Hard water is called “hard”…

Water Softening

By Tap Water Truth | February 2, 2018

Water softening refers to a method of filtration by which “hard” water is made soft. Hard water is any water containing dissolved hardness minerals above 1 Grain per Gallon or 17.1 Parts per Million. The total dissolved hardness minerals are most often in the form of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metals. The most common…

5 Features Your New Water Softener Must Have

By Tap Water Truth | January 31, 2018

Construction season is in full swing and new home owners everywhere are discovering the evils of hard water. Within weeks of moving into your new home, you have to make another important purchase – a new water softener. Since you may not be aware of what separates a quality water softener from a generic one,…

Soft Water Makes a Big Difference

By Tap Water Truth | January 31, 2018

Hard Water Problems and Solutions How Hard Is “Hard”? Soft water Less than one GPG Slightly hard 1-3.5 GPG Moderately hard 3.5-7 GPG Hard 7-10.5 GPG Very hard 10.5 or more GPG *One GPG is equal to 17.1 PPM Hard water is the most common residential water problem in the United States. The issue occurs…

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