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Why's it in our water?

Wastewater, discharge of drilling wastes; discharge from metal refineries; and erosion of natural deposits

Potential Risks

Blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems, muscle weakness, and damage to the nervous and circulatory systems

Trihalomethanes (THMs)

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The EPA's List of Water Contaminants

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Water Words

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Well Water Needs To Be Tested Annually

By Tap Water Truth | September 26, 2018

Water quality is everyone’s responsibility. The Water Quality Association (WQA) has issued a statement about well water quality tests, reminding people that, “homeowners, not government, are responsible for contaminant checks.” This means that water that tastes and smells fine should still be tested for chemicals, toxins, and contaminants at least once a year. Wells are prone…

Detroit Schools Ditch Drinking Water

By Tap Water Truth | September 7, 2018

Detroit’s public schools have shut off their drinking water. 16 of 24 recently inspected public schools in Detroit tested high for both lead and copper, prompting school officials to make the decision to shut off drinking water supplies throughout the district. The water test results lead to the drinking water in 106 schools being shut…

3M Water Contamination Woes Continue

By Tap Water Truth | August 17, 2018

Just because we’ve talked about it doesn’t mean it’s over. In what St. Paul’s Pioneer Press calls “a game of environmental whack-a-mole,” Washington County officials have continued this summer to find lethal toxins flowing through area city’s water supplies. In the shadow of the recent settlement with 3M, where they agreed to pay out $850M…

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