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Why's it in our water?

Wastewater, discharge of drilling wastes; discharge from metal refineries; and erosion of natural deposits

Potential Risks

Blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems, muscle weakness, and damage to the nervous and circulatory systems

Trihalomethanes (THMs)

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The EPA's List of Water Contaminants

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Toxic Water Plagues an Already Devastated California Town

By Tap Water Truth | April 26, 2019

After massive flames were controlled and smoke cleared, the true impact of last November’s Camp Fire, centered in Paradise, California was beginning to be uncovered. More than 150,000 acres and almost 19,000 structures destroyed. At least 85 lives lost. It’s devastation to the region goes beyond what anyone could have predicted and its long-term effects…

Radium in Spring Lake Park

By Tap Water Truth | April 9, 2019

Risks in the Water for Spring Lake Park Residents of Spring Lake Park, MN should have their water tested for excess amounts of radium. Radium occurs naturally from runoff, soil, rock, and groundwater sources. When ingested, 80% of it is naturally expelled through digestion, while the remainder remains in the body. Last summer, the Department…

Lead Testing Not Required in Majority of US Schools

By Tap Water Truth | March 28, 2019

People generally tend to trust the water that comes from their taps and faucets. As we’ve seen in examples around the country, like Flint, Michigan or the 3M pollution issues in the east metro of the Twin Cities, that’s not always a good idea. Water treated by city treatment facilities has many toxins, chemicals, and…

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