We believe that most people don't know the true condition of their water.
We also believe that most people would do something about it if they did.

What We Believe

Everyone's water is different

Many people don't know their options to assess and understand the condition of their own water. And because everyone's water is unique, every treatment and filtration solution must be unique.

Cities do what they can.

The treatment facilities that provide water to our homes do a great service for our families, removing lethal toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc. What they leave in the water, however, is a problem.

Informed people make better decisions.

The more people know, the more they are equipped to make the right decisions about their water. But it starts with education.
Tap Water Truth exists to bring people the information they need.

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Our Mission

We're here to make sure you know the condition of your water

Your Water

Learn what chemicals and toxins are in drinking water

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Your Options

Discover the water treatment solutions available to you