3M and Toxic Water: Woodbury Continues It’s Fight against Toxins

3M’s Impact on Twin Cities Water Supplies Continues to be Felt

On February 3rd of 2020, a 7th well in Woodbury, MN was shut down due to the presence of PFAS (an abbreviated version of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in the water. Decades ago, 3M dumped materials that contained these PFAS chemicals into city waste sites and water sources. These manmade chemicals have not broken down over time and have been detected in now 7 of the city’s 19 water wells.

What are PFAS Chemicals?

PFAS is a category of man-made chemicals that are used in many common household items. Various stain-resistant materials, different household items (like floss, makeup, and paint),Teflon, water repellant items, shaving creams, and food packaging materials (like fast food wrappers or microwave popcorn bags) are all known to contain PFAS.

The far-reaching effects of PFAS compounds to human health is just beginning to be fully understood. To date, PFAS exposure has been linked to liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression, and various types of cancer. When the chemicals enter the body, they settle in the bloodstream, the kidneys, and the liver.

What can you do about PFAS? 

Residents of Woodbury, MN (as well as other places around the country being impacted by PFAS) should have their water tested before any more time passes. While cities across the country actively address issues of pollutants and synthetic chemicals in their water supplies, they are not equipped to resolve the problems. A water quality and purification test will give residents the information they need about the status of their water.

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