Forever Chemicals – They’re Everywhere and They’re Not Going Away

Advancements in technology and manufacturing are not without their ripple effects throughout our world. Manmade chemicals, known as “forever chemicals,” have come out of the innovations of manufacturing. These chemicals are technically known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). They have a bio-engineered chemical structure that resists breaking down in the environment.

Forever chemicals don’t go away. Their impact can be measured in our ecosystem, in wildlife, in our food, and in our drinking water.

A report recently made public by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) indicated that previous estimates fell short of reality. Originally, research indicated that more than 110 million Americans may be contaminated with PFAS. That number could actually be far too low. The toxins, linked to health issues such cancers, liver damage, and low birth weight, as well as other issues, come directly from the manmade chemicals and is more widespread than previously expected.

You can read the full report from EWG here.

Miami, Philadelphia, and New Orleans rank among the highest in toxicity levels of these forever chemicals. Tests in these cities indicate high levels of PFAS in their water supplies, but with little or nothing being done in response. In fact, according to CNBC, “In 34 places where EWG’s tests found PFAS, contamination had not been publicly reported by the EPA or state environmental agencies.”

There’s a chemical ripple effect happening in cities across our country. It’s impact is felt in our food, our water, our health, and our way of life. Our culture depends upon the many conveniences in modern manufacturing and technology. The damage from these conveniences, however, is just beginning to be felt.

You can read the whole article from CNBC here. To find out if PFAS or any other toxin is in your water, contact a certified water quality expert.

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