What’s Making Your Water Smell?

Does Your Water Smell Bad?

Smelly water could be an indication of problems in your home or problems in your city. Depending on what you smell in your water and what time of year you’re smelling it, the solution is going to vary. But first, you need to find a way to isolate the smell. You need to figure out exactly what kind of smell you’re noticing and then determine where it’s coming from. Sometimes, the only way to do that is to call in a professional.

As you identify the smell coming from your tap water, there are a few questions to ask about your water.   

The City’s Problem?

Sometimes, the treatment plan that the city puts your water through may contribute. Your city spends time and money testing the condition of the water it supplies to homes and from those tests determines the treatment plan The source from where your water is taken from may have organic properties that though they are filtered can still get into your tap causing a smell.

Your Plumbing’s Problem?

Organic materials can build up in the drains in your home – materials such as hair, soap, food, and other waste. As these materials build up, break down, and decompose, they can not only slow your drains down, but can also permeate your home with smells of rot.

In these cases, the smell you’re experiencing is most likely coming from the sink and not from the actual water coming from your tap. As you clean it out (we recommend natural cleansers and not chemicals), these materials will break down and smells will dissipate.

Your Water Heater’s Problem?

Did you know that growth can occur in your water heater that can cause certain rotten smells? There is a magnesium heating rod in your water tank that may have certain bacteria and even algae growing on it. This rod may need to be replaced (or at the very least cleaned) to get the smell – and the taste- to go away. , and or your well or plumbing may need to be cleaned.

Whatever the smell you’re experiencing, there’s a solution. Sometimes the solution is found by contacting the city and finding out what issues they’re facing at their treatment facility. If you know what they’re treating, it will help you determine whether your water source is the problem. 

Sometimes the solution is in addressing problems in your home such as your plumbing or your water heater. 

The best solution for removing the smell from your home’s water is to have your water filtered. Don’t rely on your local municipality to protect your family from toxins and keep your water free of chemicals or pollutants. And don’t rely on a “one-size-fits-all” water filtration solution. The filter you use should be custom designed to filter your water’s exact conditions. 

Have your water tested. Have your water treated.

Let us know if we can help. 

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