Toxins in Water Aren’t Always Monitored by the EPA

Legislators have begun targeting corporations more aggressively for their roles in the manufacturing of “forever chemicals” such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. As this targeting has increased, companies like 3M and Dupont have begun to pour millions of dollars into protecting their processes and their production from litigation and restriction. Both have been significantly penalized by the EPA and other federal, state, and local monitoring agencies for their part in contaminating local ecosystems.

For decades, the class of chemicals referred to as PFAS went unregulated, while side effects like cancer, birth defects, immune system and thyroid dysfunction, and other maladies increased drastically. Many individuals, homes, and communities in the “blast zone” of these corporations’ carelessness are now demanding that the EPA do more to monitor and manage these toxins as well as the companies who intentionally used them.

For many years, many of these toxic chemicals were dumped into drainage fields and directly into water sources in the surrounding area. After decades of little to no oversight and with what has been alleged to be an intentional effort by these companies to suppress scientific research that would have exposed the threats they were posing to the ecosystem and surrounding communities, these chemicals have now come under the scrutiny of various watchdog groups, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

Read more about this story and learn more about the fight against big companies with deep pockets here. And be sure that you’re learning your water, so that you don’t trust your government, the EPA, or local companies to protect your family from toxic chemicals and careless manufacturing processes.

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