A Gallon of Water a Day: A Challenge To Consider!

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking?

There are many different theories out there. For years, you heard “8 glasses a day” was the standard for water intake. Then, a few years ago, people in lab coats on TV started saying that 8 was an arbitrary number. No amount of reading or research will get you to a perfect number that can be applied to everyone. Every person is different. Every person’s water intake needs are different. So we’re back to not really knowing how much we should drink.

No Matter How Much Water You’re Drinking, Try Drinking More

No matter how much you research you do and how many specialists and health experts you consult, you’ll never find someone saying, “You should consider drinking less water.” You’ll never be at a yearly physical where your doctor cautions you about the excessive water intake that’s damaging your kidneys or compromising your immune system. No matter who your authority on the subject is, a general rule will always be that the more purified water you drink, the better.

When Aleta Burchyski decided to try a one-month hydration quest of drinking a full gallon of water every day, she wasn’t doing it because she loved water. Quite the contrary. She actually loved coffee and hated water. But in order to scratch an itch and to silence the voices that constantly reminded her that more water would equal better health, she decided to give it a shot. Read the full story here.

Take a Drink!

If it’s time for you to change your water intake (which it is!), consider taking on the challenge that Burchyski tackled. Try drinking one gallon of purified water every day. Ask a friend to join you. Journal your experience. And feel the difference that a more hydrated body makes.

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