Toxic Water Plagues an Already Devastated California Town

After massive flames were controlled and smoke cleared, the true impact of last November’s Camp Fire, centered in Paradise, California was beginning to be uncovered. More than 150,000 acres and almost 19,000 structures destroyed. At least 85 lives lost. It’s devastation to the region goes beyond what anyone could have predicted and its long-term effects on the people, the ecosystem, the economy, and the infrastructure of Paradise are going to take years (and billions of dollars) to resolve.

But one of the most troubling effects from Northern California’s Camp Fire is what’s underground.

Toxic levels of benzene have been detected in water sources throughout the region. Benzene is a compound found in the chemicals used to make rubbers, dyes, detergents, lubricants, and pesticides. It’s a manmade chemical with lethal effects.

As a result of last year’s inferno, these chemicals were released into ground water sources. Benzene, among other toxins, are flowing through the plumbing of homes that otherwise withstood the fiery attack. Residents are told to not even bathe or brush their teeth with the water, much less drink it. Massive efforts to restore the water problem are being taken, while filling stations and supplemental water resources are being made available free of charge to locals.

Read the full article and watch the video here.

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