Why We’re Here

Tap Water Truth – Why We’re Here.

When it comes to selecting a water treatment solution or water filter for your home, the possibilities are endless. Some water treatment companies tell you it’s a good idea. Some tell you it’s absolutely essential. Many tell you they’re the best.

Consider how fortunate we are to live in a part of the world with drinkable water when some don’t even have the luxury of turning a spigot. Perhaps its because of the increase of water initiatives around the globe that we’re seeing emerge. Perhaps its the busyness of our schedules or the thought of another financial undertaking. Or perhaps its a combination of these things that keeps us from considering the very real issues still happening with our water here at home. 

In fact, with situations like what we have seen unfold with the Flint, Michigan water crisis or with the 3M water pollution lawsuit in the east metro of the Twin Cities, we are reminded of the trust (sometimes blind trust) that we put into our cities’ water treatment processes. We assume that when we turn on the tap, the water we drink is perfect. We assume that our cities are taking care of us.

Unfortunately, that’s not an assumption that is safe to make.

Cities do what they can with their resources, but city water is treated with various processes and chemicals that accomplish only a few (albeit necessary) things. Illnesses once crippling our society (like cholera or typhoid) have been all but removed from our water and our medical history. Generally speaking, tap water is regarded as drinkable across our country, which is due in large part the engineering and treatment from municipalities from coast to coast.

Just because some lethal diseases have been somewhat neutralized, it doesn’t mean that the water is safe to drink. Our tap water is treated with chemicals like bleach and fluoride. It contains pesticides, toxic levels of metal salts, lead, nitrates, arsenic, and hormones. Industrial runoff, antiquated plumbing systems, and inadequate engineering are compromising the quality of our water and ultimately our health.

This is why Tap Water Truth exists.

We’re not here to scare you, but to educate you. We don’t sensationalize what’s in water, we simply reveal it. The truth is that there are very real health risks to tap water, and we believe that people will care about it when they learn about it.

This is how Tap Water Truth works.

We Educate.

We want to do our best to educate you on what’s really going on with tap water around the country or in your own home. We want you to know the toxins you should be aware of and their harmful side effects. We want you to learn what filtration methods are most effective, and we want you to know that you shouldn’t trust the gimmicks of a lot of the so-called “water experts” out there. By being educated, you’re taking control of this issue.

We Test.

We offer a free water testing service that will allow you to see exactly what’s in the water from your tap. Before you fill a glass one more time or put your little one in the tub for a bath, consider having your water tested. Does it contain lead? Bleach? Hormones or pesticides? Fecies? The list of potential contaminants and toxins is endless, so you should know exactly what you’re looking at in your own water before you determine your solution. 

We Solve.

We are an extension of Water Doctors Water Treatment Company of Minneapolis, MN, which provides customized water treatment solutions for homes and businesses around the country. This means that every solution is built to solve the condition of the water it’s treating.

You may not need to worry about typhoid or cholera, and you may not be walking three hours to retrieve water from a far-off well, but that doesn’t mean you should be passive. At Tap Water Truth, we want to help you see that there’s more you can do to make sure the water you drink is pure and perfect for you and your family.

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