Problem Water: Acidity

a regular pH scale with points of reference featuring household liquids

Those of us who can remember our middle school science classes may be confused by this headline.

Typically, science textbooks display a pH scale (such as the one pictured above) featuring highly acidic liquids like gastric acid (pH of 1) and orange juice (pH of 3) on one side and strong bases such as baking soda (pH of 9) and bleach (pH of 13) on the other. Whatever the examples of the extremes, the one used for perfect neutrality (pH of 7) was always the same: water. So if water is perfectly neutral, why can acidity be an issue for homeowners? The answer is that the water we use in our homes contains various dissolved solids and impurities (most notably Carbon Dioxide) which can alter its pH, causing a myriad of minor to moderate problems for the unprepared.

Acidic water – at least within the generally found range – is not considered dangerous to your health in most cases. Your stomach, after all, utilizes very concentrated acids to break down foods and aid in digestion. The problem lies instead with the corrosive effects that acidic water has on your plumbing system. Corrosion, the slow deterioration of metal objects including pipes and plumbing fixtures, is a natural process that is nevertheless unwanted.

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Acidic water is flush with Hydrogen ions, which react with electrons to enhance and expedite the corrosion of any metal it comes in contact with. This can lead to expensive repairs for homeowners with leaky or unreliable plumbing. Much like the exhaust system of a car, a hole in your plumbing is always a harbinger of more to come, meaning it may be better off to start from scratch with all new pipes.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid these costly repairs that zap your budget and your valuable free time. By raising the pH of water and keeping its alkalinity relatively low, homeowners can ensure that both corrosion and scale build-up are kept to a minimum (click here for more information on the ideal relationship between pH and alkalinity). Water Doctors Neutralizing Filter contains a special internal media which raises the pH of acidic water to neutralize its corrosive characteristics. This process has the added benefit of facilitating the removal of iron and manganese when used in conjunction with an iron filter. Acidic water can be a major hassle, but ignoring it won’t just leave holes in your pipes, it could burn a hole right through your wallet.

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